Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Congratulations, Astros!

With their 6-1 loss at home against the Cardinals on Monday, the Houston Astros earned the right to pick first in the 2013 draft. This marks the second consecutive year the Astros will pick first.

Many exciting battles still remain, including those for second pick (the Cubs and Rockies are tied with nine games remaining; the Cubs would win a tiebreaker on the "strength" of their 71-91 record in 2011) and fourth pick (the Indians have moved a game ahead of the Twins with eight games left; Minnesota's 63-99 showing last year is enough to push them ahead in the event of a tie).

Meanwhile, congrats again to the Astros on finishing what they started. With the National League in line to have the first three picks in the 2013 draft, it is good that Houston is switching to the American League (with sincerest apologies to the "Death Before DH" crowd). Having one league dominate doesn't benefit baseball.

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